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NewCryptoBlock ICO Checklist


ERC20 Token Smart Contract Generator

ERC20 Token Smart Contract Generator

Pausable - Provides possibility to pause/unpause token transfers.

Mintable - Provides possibility to mint (create) new tokens when needed. Can be used to create and sell new tokens during ICOs, and minting can be stopped when required.

  • Capped - Provides token limit for minting.

      Increase/Decrease Cap amount - Makes token minting limit adjustable to the needs.

Burnable - Provides possibility to destroy unwanted/unnecessary tokens.

  • Is Burnable by everyone - Should everyone be able to destroy tokens, or only the token owner.

Include Approve and Call - Provides flexibility for other contracts to work with the token. Approve and then communicate the approved contract in a single transaction.

Include Transfer and Call - Provides flexibility for other contracts to work with the token. Transfer and then communicate the contract in a single transaction.


technology in action

Are you planning to go through an ICO?

If so, is your token a security token or a utility token? Find out by running the Howey test.

Howey test

"NewCryptoBlock is our trusted partner and definitively key to our success."


Smart Contract Development

We provide design and development services for Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contracts. We integrate automated test scripts in all our designs and focus on following industry best practices related to security and design efficiency.

Smart Contract Audit

If you decided to go on your own, we will be your key to success. The development of Smart Contracts requires a solid understanding of the existing technology flaws, identifying security holes, and adhering to the latest industry standards. We will audit your implementation and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining problems and recommendations.

Initial Coin Offer

You have decided to collect funds by using a crowd-funding approach. With our proven track record we will guide you through each and every step of the process, providing early review and feedback on your white paper, building and hosting your ICO website, providing a secure and safe environment for your funds, building or auditing your ERC20 contract implementation, assisting in token distribution, and providing outstanding support services.


We can help you integrate crypto currency wallets with your website or applications. Are you looking for multi-signature wallet or a single user wallet, integration with hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano or Ledger Blue? Our team is here to make it happen!

Mobile Wallets

When developing wallets for IOS and Android devices, we can integrate your wallet with your mobile application and also develop a holistic mobile solution. Sending and receiving funds in secure manner, without third-party involvement has never been easier.

Strategy & Roadmap Consulting

Blockchain technologies brought us to the next generation business, not only in terms of development but also in terms of creating new opportunities. You can make or break your Blockchain business with a single move. We can help you analyze your current position, audit the code of your project and help you determine right moves to keep your business on track. We will map your future development and help you achieve your goals.

Blockchain Development

Most projects can transition to Dapp architecture. By selecting this kind of paradigm, your project will benefit from decentralization, immutability, transparency and security. We will find the most effective way to transform and upgrade your current solution to a Blockchain-based architecture either on a public network or an enterprise-grade private network.

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